Slates to Become Eligible for EPEAT PC Registration

ENERGY STAR will release a final and effective Computers Version 6.1 specification in late summer 2014.  The 6.1 specification will explicitly add three new categories of computing devices to the scope of the existing ENERGY STAR Computers program:  Slate/tablets, two-in-ones, and portable all-in-ones.  The proper categorization and definition of these new devices is still being determined at this time.

Once ENERGY STAR releases its 6.1 specification, the lack of an ENERGY STAR specification will no longer present a barrier to manufacturers registering slate devices in EPEAT.  The convertible notebook products that ENERGY STAR defines as “Two-in-Ones” will continue to be eligible for ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Notebook category registration, as they have been under previous ENERGY STAR versions.

See the most recent draft of ENERGY STAR 6.1 here for the current ENERGY STAR definitions of Two-in-Ones and Slates.

Two-in-Ones and Slates must meet all required criteria in the PC/Display standard that apply to the Notebook product category. EPEAT will add new product sub-categories within the PC/Display product category to make registered two-in-one and slate devices easier to find.

Registration Process

Because slates will be registered under the existing PC/Display standard, EPEAT will not require PREs to subject registrations to any special Desk Review procedures. Participating Manufacturers who are already off Desk Review for all criteria they will declare for these products will be able to register slates directly and see their product records appear immediately in the Registry.  Slate device registrations by manufacturers new to EPEAT will appear on the Registry once they’ve met the Desk Review requirements of their PRE.

As with all registered products, participating manufacturers should be prepared to support any declared criterion with adequate evidence in the early stages of registration and throughout the products’ Active status in the Registry. EPEAT will verify a selection of newly registered slates soon after they appear on the Registry.

Criteria of Interest

To help manufacturers prepare for slate registration, EPEAT has identified criteria that may require additional attention when registering these products.  EPEAT recommends that manufacturers review these criteria internally and with their PRE to address any questions regarding their slate products’ conformance in advance of registration.





Easy disassembly of external enclosure

Identification and removal of components containing hazardous materials

Availability of additional 3 year warranty or service agreement

Upgradeable with common tools

Provision of product take-back service

Provision of rechargeable battery take-back service





Manual separation of plastics

Modular design

Availability of replacement parts