Imaging Equipment Verification Round IE-2014-02 – Level 1 Investigations Now Underway

Imaging Equipment Verification Round IE-2014-02 is now underway. This round consists of two phases: the recently completed Level 2 investigations and the upcoming Level 1 investigations.

The Level 2 investigations required no Subscriber participation and have already been completed. In those investigations the Qualified Verifiers reviewed publicly available information to assess conformance. The PVC recommendations for these Level 2 investigations were broken up into three categories:

  1. Conformance - no Subscriber action is required
  2. Non-Conformance - the Subscriber will move into an immediate Corrective Action Phase
  3. Inconclusive - the Level 2 investigation will now move to a Level 1 investigation.

Investigation Reports have been created for all Level 2 investigations.

Download the Round IE-2014-02 Verification Plan