2018 Annual Verification Round Plan

The 2018 EPEAT Annual Verification Round Plan has been published below so EPEAT Participating Manufacturers and their Conformity Assurance Bodies can allocate the necessary resources to support verification throughout the year. The plan shows the timing of all planned verification rounds for each product category and the method of investigation. The plan does not, however, show the planned criteria that will be investigated. Verification rounds are scheduled in an attempt to minimize manufacturer involvement during major holidays worldwide.

Index of Criteria Verified per Round 2009- Present

The Verification Round Index indicates which criteria were investigated in each round from 2009 to present for each product category on the EPEAT Registry.  Each tab lists the criteria on the rows and the round on the columns for PCs and Displays, Imaging Equipment, and TVs respectively. Some criteria have never been verified as of 2016.  This index will be updated on a yearly basis after all annual rounds are launched and/or completed.

Verification Round Plans and Outcomes Reports

PC and Displays

Imaging Equipment