The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires that all federal agencies acquire electronic products that are energy efficient and are environmentally preferable compared to other products that serve the same purpose. As part of this requirement, the FAR requires that “agencies must ensure that they meet at least 95% of their annual acquisition requirement for electronic products with Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered electronic products, unless there is no EPEAT® standard for such products.” (FAR Part 23.7).

The EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program helps federal purchasers procure environmentally preferable products and services. There are resources, including training slides and contract language located at to help Federal purchasers meet that obligation

US Federal Purchasers needing model contract language should look for RFP language provided on the EPA’s EPEAT purchasing page at

In addition, the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator can help calculate the positive environmental impact of your EPEAT purchasing.