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How EPEAT Works

Manufacturers who are interested in registering their products with EPEAT must have an officer of the company sign the Green Electronics Council EPEAT License and Participating Manufacturer Agreement (P26). This contract is required for the brand to begin registering products in EPEAT and have them identified as “EPEAT-Registered Products.” Manufacturers must also complete a Participating Manufacturer Information Form and pay the Registry fees for the device categories in which they wish to register products (see the Fees tab for more information). The manufacturer then engages one of the certification and testing organizations that make up EPEAT’s global network of Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) and pays the appropriate fee for that service. After becoming a Participating Manufacturer, the brand owner will receive credentials to access the Registry and may begin making product declarations. Manufacturers should also read more about country-specific registrations and sales-reporting requirements. A downloadable explanation of this sign-up process is available here. It is also recommended that manufacturers read through the EPEAT Scheme Documents.

After completing all the required paperwork, submitting payments and engaging a CAB, manufacturers may login to the online EPEAT system to begin registering products in the appropriate device category. The CAB will carry out a comprehensive “Desk Review” process on the manufacturer’s initial registrations. During this process, the Manufacturer must answer questions about the product declaration(s) and may need to provide evidence consistent with the standard’s Verification Evidence requirements. Desk review may last several days to several months, depending on the Manufacturer’s ability to demonstrate understanding of the system requirements and ability to support the accuracy of their declarations.

When staff are confident that the declaration is sound, the registration(s) will be sent to the Green Electronics Council for inclusion in the public EPEAT registry. If/when Manufacturers demonstrate their competence at making accurate declarations, they may be granted the ability to register products without prior review and approval. However, a new Desk Review is triggered each time a manufacturer claims a new criterion or registers a product in a new country, and Desk Review can be re-instituted at any time if warranted by verification failures.

CABs are responsible for ongoing verification of all products registered through their service. All Manufacturers must be prepared at any time to provide verification evidence supporting any criterion claimed in their product registrations in response to a request from CAB staff or contractors. These Auditors are available for additional support. Recycling resources are available at this page.

As soon as EPEAT has received a signed Agreement, all applicable Fees and product listings approved by the CAB, the products in question will appear in the EPEAT Registry.


The Green Electronics Council requires two pieces of paperwork to register conformant products in EPEAT: the Green Electronics Council EPEAT License and Participating Manufacturer Agreement (P26), and a Participating Manufacturer Information Form. (Please note: Mobile Phone Manufacturers who wish to join EPEAT through the ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification process should use a variation of the Agreement that is available here.) In addition, a manufacturer must have a contract in place to engage a Conformity Assurance Body (CAB) to assist with product registration and verification. Participating Manufacturers must commit to truthful, substantiated product declarations and agree to cooperate with a rigorous verification processes. At any time, Participating Manufacturers must be able to supply evidence that their products meet EPEAT criteria exactly as declared.


Participating Manufacturers pay annual fees based on a sliding scale that correlates to the Manufacturer’s revenue in the device category in which they wish to register products. Revenue includes sales of all products in the product group, regardless of whether they meet environmental requirements or whether a Participating Manufacturer chooses to register them with EPEAT. Fees are paid annually at the time of sign-up and on that anniversary date each year.

To join EPEAT, Manufacturers pay an EPEAT Participation Fee to the Green Electronics Council, which oversees all activities of the EPEAT system. For verification and product-declaration services, manufacturers pay a separate Registration Services Fee to a Conformity Assurance Body (CAB) of their choosing. Both the Participation Fee and a contractual relationship with a CAB are required to become a full EPEAT Participating Manufacturer and have eligible products appear on the searchable database.

Payment of the Participation Fee allows an unlimited number of product registrations in a given device category and in all countries covered by EPEAT. The EPEAT system is funded through Manufacturers’ Participation Fees and through fees that CABs pay to be involved.

Current EPEAT Participation Fees

2017-2018 ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification EPEAT Participation Fees for Mobile Phones

Unlike the traditional EPEAT Participation Fee schedule, the ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification is currently being offered as an option for the July 1, 2017 – July 1, 2018, time period, with no automatic renewal. Participating manufacturers who wish to register Mobile Phones in EPEAT through the Joint Certification option will by default use UL Environment as their approved CAB. Manufacturers joining after July 1, 2017, will receive a prorated Participation Fee based on the date of enrollment through the end date of July 1, 2018. Additional information about the ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification process is available at this link. (Please note: Mobile Phone Manufacturers who wish to join EPEAT through the ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification process use a variation of the Agreement that is available here and reflects the unique dates and terms of that pilot program.)

Note: Please contact the individual CABs for information about their fees for CAB services.

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