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Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan 2010- 2015



Responsible suppliers and manufacturers are already addressing these issues. To support these efforts, to further encourage industry adoption, and to minimise and/or mitigate the impact of ICT on the environment, the Australian Government through this plan is introducing mandatory environmental standards into ICT procurement processes. Mandatory environmental standards for relevant ICT acquisitions will also provide a catalyst for improving the environmental performance of supply chains through large scale government demand for sustainable ICT products and services driving resource efficiency and innovation. Similarly, the demand will support suppliers and manufacturers to invest, develop and produce more environmentally sustainable goods and services. … ES1) Compliance with ISO 14024 or ISO 14021 at the level of EPEAT Silver or equivalent as a minimum standard for relevant ICT equipment;16 … In this plan the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver rating, or equivalent, is selected as a minimum standard of environmental performance for relevant ICT equipment. As with EPEAT, the ‘equivalences’ must meet the environmental life cycle impact requirements contained within ISO 14024 or ISO 14021. EPEAT is a self declared eco-label that assesses the environmental attributes and life cycle impacts of electronic products. Product manufacturers self-assess and declare the conformance of their products against EPEAT criteria grouped under eight environmental performance categories. These include: reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials; materials selection; design for end-of-life; product longevity or life cycle extension; energy conservation and renewable energies; packaging; end of life management, including product take-back; and corporate performance. Compliance with the EPEAT standard is a requirement in a number of other countries – notably the USA in relation to government operations – and has been accepted by the Australian ICT industry as a viable approach.19 The Australian Government uses and consumes significant quantities of ICT products to which the EPEAT eco-label, or equivalent, applies. Under this plan agencies are required to apply EPEAT Silver, or equivalent, to new procurements for the following ICT equipment categories:

*EPEAT Purchasing Tier indicates how many EPEAT categories are specified in the organization's purchasing agreements