Personal Computers and Displays Verification Round Plan PC-2015-01 – Level 1 investigations to be launched in early March 2015

The Verification Round Plan for PCs and Displays (Round PC-2015-01) is now available, and can be found here. In this Round, all products and criteria will be randomly chosen, and 75 Level 1 investigations are planned. The Round will begin in early March 2015.

EPEAT’s Online Learning Center has pre-recording training modules for every criterion in the 1680.1 standard. These modules are designed to de-mystify the standard’s requirements, and to illustrate the types of information needed during a Verification Round. Participating manufacturers with questions about what information is needed to demonstrate conformance to a specific criterion may want to review these modules. If you do not yet have access to the Training Center, please contact Andrea Desimone and she will help you get started.

EPEAT is also happy to provide participating manufacturers with individual training sessions on what is needed to show conformance for specific criteria. Again, please contact Susan Herbert  to schedule an individual training session.

Download: Round PC-2015-01 Verification Plan