EPEAT is recognized by key healthcare environmental programs like the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and Practice Green Health. Show progress toward your sustainability goals and build your system’s environmental reputation by using EPEAT to reduce the negative impacts of your electronics purchasing. A lifecycle environmental benefits calculator developed with support from the U.S. EPA helps quantify the positive impact of your purchasing for sustainability reporting.

Learn more about EPEAT’s relevance to healthcare organizations.

Hospitals, health systems, GPOs, corporations, educational institutions and governments around the world are already using EPEAT to compare greener electronics head to head and make informed purchasing decisions. EPEAT’s searchable database includes thousands of qualified computers, monitors, printers, copiers and televisions from more than 50 manufacturers, more than any other environmental rating system. EPEAT-registered products adhere to the latest ENERGY STAR® specifications and are designed, manufactured and supported to reduce toxic content and solid waste, decrease emissions and increase recyclability.

Coverage for televisions, in particular, offers a transformative opportunity for hospitals, some of the largest institutional purchasers of TVs.

Talk to your GPO or IT purchasing staff about using EPEAT to identify greener product choices to meet your needs.

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