Use EPEAT® to select environmentally preferable products and to make quantifiable progress toward your sustainability goals worldwide. EPEAT’s searchable database makes it easy to compare thousands of electronics from more than 50 manufacturers. With coverage in more than 40 countries, EPEAT also helps global enterprise purchasers use a uniform purchasing specification for dozens of geographies. Join the hundreds of multinational, regional and local enterprises that already use EPEAT to compare greener electronics and make informed purchasing decisions.

When you use EPEAT to identify greener electronics, your organization will be positioned as an environmental leader in media outreach and case studies, and have the right to use the EPEAT logo in your own marketing vehicles.. You will also become eligible for EPEAT recognition and gain access to training tools to support your expertise as a green electronics purchaser. Enterprises may also be invited to participate in presentations showcasing how EPEAT has helped their organizations reduce their environmental impact while saving money.

Becoming an enterprise purchaser is easy. Simply pledge to purchase EPEAT-registered electronics, provide excerpts of your EPEAT purchasing policy or RFP language, and agree to be listed on the EPEAT website. You must also commit to reporting the number of EPEAT-registered electronics you purchased during each calendar year, if you wish to be recognized for an award. If desired, EPEAT staff can help you convert that purchase data into quantifiable environmental benefits based on your enterprise’s specific purchase of EPEAT-registered electronics.

Enterprise Purchasers