Choose electronics that reflect your passion for protecting the environment. EPEAT-registered products are manufactured with less toxic content compared to devices that don’t meet EPEAT criteria, and they’re designed to be easily recycled. Also, because EPEAT-registered products meet the latest ENERGY STAR® specifications, they can help you lower your energy use and potentially your energy bill. Search the EPEAT® registry to find greener electronics that help lower the environmental impact of your household or small business, and buy them through,, Best Buy, and TechDepot, among others.

Every time someone buys a product that’s registered in EPEAT, they help give manufacturers an incentive to produce electronics that meet more environmental criteria than non-registered devices and are therefore less harmful to the environment. Let retailers who provide EPEAT ratings know you use the information to select products that are consistent with your values, and encourage other retailers to start providing EPEAT ratings.

NOTE: Some EPEAT criteria don’t apply to the use of products by individual consumers and may not apply to all configurations of a given product. When considering a purchase from the registry, ask a salesperson if the product and specific configuration you’re seeking meets the criteria specified in the EPEAT rating identified for it.