EPEAT Champions

You can make a difference by helping swell the ranks of businesses, organizations and consumers that use EPEAT to buy products consistent with their environmental values. As the number of buyers selecting EPEAT-registered electronics grows, so does the incentive for manufacturers to develop products that further reduce environmental impact.

EPEAT Champions are organizations that help promote the EPEAT system to the powerful segment of purchasers and consumers motivated to buy greener products. Champions can be NGOs, consultants, publishers, schools, congregations, trade associations, advocacy groups and others who help raise awareness about the importance and availability of EPEAT-registered electronics, to their members or the public at large. EPEAT Staff work with Champions to develop and support their educational efforts and to provide recognition for their contributions to ”greening” the electronics sector. There is no fee to join. Simply contact Staff to learn more about becoming part of the EPEAT Champion program.