The Green Electronics Council has partnered with multiple types of organizations to promote greener electronics in the marketplace. EPEAT Channel Partners are leading distributors and resellers who have committed to promoting the purchase of environmentally preferable electronics to their customers. Select Retailers have also become involved in promoting green electronics among their consumers, both online and in their stores. EPEAT Champions, meanwhile, are organizations that do not directly sell electronic devices yet encourage their constituents to purchase EPEAT-registered devices to support their environmental commitments.

Partner Information

Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Don’t lose a sale due to lack of green-electronics credentials. Any organization that sells or recommends electronics – VARS, solution providers, consulting firms – may become an EPEAT® Channel Partner. Joining the program grants access to resources that help meet the demand for green electronics expertise and procurement tools, and it can help Channel Partners better serve the growing number of purchasers that specify EPEAT-registered products.

By joining EPEAT, Channel Partners demonstrate their commitment to providing leadership in “green IT” sales and services, and pledge to provide the terms laid out in EPEAT’s model purchasing language. Click here to join. EPEAT Channel Partners gain access to:

  • Informational materials
  • Marketing tools to discuss their expertise in green electronics and the EPEAT system
  • Plug-and-play messaging
  • Tools for keeping EPEAT product ratings up to date
  • Training services

All materials can be easily accessed by your sales force for quick preparation of bid response documents and communication materials. Channel Partners also receive:

  • Marketing support, including a link to the company’s website
  • Logo inclusion in EPEAT collateral
  • Inclusion in EPEAT presentations
  • Support for client case studies and testimonials
  • The right to use the EPEAT logo in their own marketing materials to highlight their participation and expertise

Becoming an EPEAT Channel Partner is both simple and affordable. Partners pay an annual fee based on the size of their company (see below), must provide up-to-date EPEAT product ratings information, and must be able to provide reports to customers, if requested, about their purchase of EPEAT-registered electronics.

  • 1-100 Employees: $300/year
  • 101-1,000 Employees: $600/year
  • 1,000+ Employees: $1,200/year


The EPEAT system began with a focus on the government and large enterprise sectors, and over time has gained awareness in the small- to medium-sized business and consumer space. These audiences have learned more about EPEAT in part because of the efforts of leading retailers to promote greener electronics to their customers online and/or in-store. These retailers’ commitment to promoting environmentally preferable electronics plays an important role in expanding the awareness and purchase of greener electronics.

EPEAT Retail Partner: Staples
EPEAT Retail Partner: Rakuten Shopping - formerly
EPEAT Retail Partner: Best Buy
EPEAT Retail Partner: Office Depot
EPEAT Retail Partner: Amazon
EPEAT Champions

EPEAT Champions

You can make a difference by helping swell the ranks of businesses, organizations and consumers that use EPEAT to buy products consistent with their environmental values. As the number of buyers selecting EPEAT-registered electronics grows, so does the incentive for manufacturers to develop products that further reduce environmental impact.

EPEAT Champions are organizations that help promote the EPEAT system to the powerful segment of purchasers and consumers motivated to buy greener products. Champions can be NGOs, consultants, publishers, schools, congregations, trade associations, advocacy groups and others who help raise awareness about the importance and availability of EPEAT-registered electronics, to their members or the public at large. EPEAT Staff work with Champions to develop and support their educational efforts and to provide recognition for their contributions to ”greening” the electronics sector. There is no fee to join. Simply contact Staff to learn more about becoming part of the EPEAT Champion program.