Participating Manufacturers

Gain Recognition and Sales Due to Environmental Leadership

Public and private entities in more than 42 countries use EPEAT as a uniform purchasing specification. Brands that create environmentally preferable electronics should register them with EPEAT to build their reputation among these purchasers and gain access to procurement contracts valued at tens of billions of dollars worldwide. With EPEAT, brands can both demonstrate and profit from their commitment to developing technology with a reduced environmental impact.

Join more than 50 other manufacturers already registering qualified electronics in EPEAT. In addition to having eligible products included in the EPEAT registry, Participating Manufacturers’ names and logos appear on select EPEAT marketing collateral, and interested manufacturers may participate in case studies, PR and unique marketing programs tailored to their environmental achievements. Participating Manufacturers may also use the EPEAT logo on all registered products, product packaging and marketing materials.

Device Categories

The EPEAT system rates products based on environmental criteria in multiple device categories: PCs and Displays, Imaging Equipment and Televisions. Products that meet the required environmental criteria in these categories are eligible for inclusion on the EPEAT Registry. Environmental standards for additional device categories are in development.

Manufacturer Resources

Please visit the Manufacturer Resources page for a host of information regarding fees, contracts, how the EPEAT system works and an archive of previous communications to participating manufacturers.