McKesson, Inc.

McKesson Corporation is a Fortune 500 health services company based in San Francisco with more than 32,000 employees across the country and the world. They value and promote energy efficiency and recycling programs across the enterprise. The IT department contributed greatly to these efforts by requiring computer equipment with the most efficient power supplies on the market. In 2007, when McKesson’s IT department became aware of EPEAT, they quickly adopted EPEAT registration as a criterion in their selection of a PC vendor. Going even further, they have now integrated EPEAT Gold level performance as a benchmark for future purchasing decisions.

Green Commitment Pays Off

McKesson Case StudyThe positive environmental impact of McKesson’s purchasing decisions has been remarkable. Since EPEAT’s launch in July of 2006, McKesson has purchased 3,506 silver-level desktops and more than 7,000 EPEAT-silver laptops. Using the Electronics Environmental Benefits (EEB) Calculator – which measures the results gained from purchase and use of EPEAT products as opposed to conventional computer products – McKesson has been able to quantify the benefits of their purchases. Estimated environmental results from these purchases are summarized in the featured table.

McKesson’s decision to purchase EPEAT computers set them apart from their peers as a leader in green technology purchasing. As an advisor to health care companies and hospitals, McKesson can provide practical recommendations on the easiest and most reliable strategy for greening IT purchasing – EPEAT.

Original publication date: 2007-08