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EPEAT helps purchasers of all sizes reduce the overall environmental impact of their IT purchases. The system was designed with purchaser involvement and supports the sustainable procurement efforts of governments, businesses, institutions and consumers alike. Using the free EPEAT system, purchasers in more than 40 countries have access to easy-to-use search tools, intuitive product comparison features, plug-and-play model purchasing language and more. Buying energy efficient EPEAT products can help reduce energy costs, and recycling-related requirements can ease end of life disposition. In addition, EPEAT can help qualify your organization for recognition by other environmental ratings and certification programs.

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There are literally thousands of EPEAT Purchasers around the world driving environmental improvement in electronics design and delivery by specifying EPEAT as a purchasing requirement. If you would like to join the EPEAT Purchasing program and be recognized here and in other marketing initiatives, please fill out the form below.