EPEAT Mobile Phone Registry Launch – Timeline and Training Information

Launch Timeline

  • UL 110 published by Standards Development Organization: March 24, 2017
  • Registry opens to manufacturers: May 1, 2017
  • Registry opens to the public: July 31, 2017
  • First verification round: Late 2017

Ways to participate in EPEAT Mobile Phone Registry

  1. Registration through an EPEAT Conformity Assurance Body

Manufacturers may participate in the EPEAT Registry for mobile phones by entering into an agreement with GEC and an EPEAT Conformity Assurance Body (CAB). Manufacturers go through a desk audit with their chosen CAB and make product declarations in the EPEAT Registry software. Manufacturers are required to provide conformity documentation during verification processes. Here is additional information explaining how this process works.

  1. Get UL Ecologo/EPEAT Joint Certification for Mobile Phones

UL Environment, a business division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science leader, and the Green Electronics Council (GEC), managers of the EPEAT program, also collaborated to enable mobile phones certified to the ANSI/UL 110 sustainability standard to be featured on the EPEAT Registry, which is used by public and private institutional purchasers globally to identify and buy sustainable IT products. The UL ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification is now available for brands that wish to certify mobile phones to the latest version of the UL 110 standard and make them eligible for procurements and tenders that require EPEAT-registered products. Contact UL regarding details on how to participate in this joint certification option.

To complete the UL ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification process with GEC, manufacturers must also register for the mobile phone category by signing the Green Electronics Council UL ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification License and Participating Manufacturer Agreement and paying the UL ECOLOGO/EPEAT Joint Certification Participation fee. Contact Rebecca Hawkins at GEC to register for the mobile phone category with GEC.


Standard, Verification Requirements, and Conformity Guidance

UL 110 Standard for Sustainability for Mobile Phones is available here.  Participating manufacturers should download the standard before registering products in the EPEAT Registry.

Verification Requirements – Verification Requirements, available here, are written and maintained by GEC.  Verification Requirements specify the types of evidence that Manufacturers need to provide to demonstrate conformance and must be followed by Manufacturers who register mobile phones.  These are also available under “Key Documents” in your EPEAT account.

Conformity Guidance – GEC will continuously update conformity guidance as the program develops.  Conformity Guidance will be available via “Key Documents” in your EPEAT account.


Innovation Points

The UL 110 standard includes the availability of innovation points.  GEC has formed an innovation committee and a process to review and award innovation points on a product basis.  Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) are responsible for working with the manufacturer to collect the appropriate information supporting the basis for the claim of innovation points.  GEC facilitates the review of the evidence, decision making, and the awarding of points in the registry software.


Training Dates and Locations

EPEAT Auditors working for Conformity Assurance Bodies must obtain UL 110 specific training to be qualified to provide assurance services to Mobile Phone manufacturers.  Please contact Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador, EPEAT Operations Manager, for information about future training sessions.