Achieving Sustainability Goals with EPEAT and ICLEI USA’s ClearPath in Durango, CO: Case Study

The City of Durango, CO, has long been committed to improving the quality of life of its residents and maintaining the unique character of its community now and for future generations. Before 2008, however, the city didn’t have the tools required to monitor and track environmental performance. That year, for the first time, Durango used a standardized Local Government Operations Protocol developed in part by ICLEI USA to conduct and report on GHG emissions for municipal operations. Four years later, the city began purchasing exclusively EPEAT-Registered IT products, and in 2015 Durango adopted a municipal Sustainability Action Plan, setting environmental impact goals for the next decade.

Our most recent case study, developed in collaboration with ICLEI USA, explores how the City of Durango leverages EPEAT and ICLEI’s ClearPath tool to fast-track environmental impacts measurement and management. Durango is developing GHG inventories, forecasting emissions growth and reduction scenarios, visualizing climate action plans, and tracking progress on meeting emissions management goals using ClearPath. ClearPath even enables Durango to identify which operations or sectors contribute disproportionately to overall emissions.

Through EPEAT, Durango quantifies the financial and environmental benefits of purchasing sustainable IT products. The City’s 2016 IT purchases alone will save $18,600 over the products’ lifetimes and nearly $60 per product. Plus, just one year of EPEAT-Registered purchases saved 179,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, 31.6 metric tons of GHG emissions, 434 kilograms of hazardous waste and more. In addition, the city has earned distinction as an EPEAT Purchaser Award Winner, achieving the second-highest tier of award.

The Green Electronics Council is excited to share the outcome of this collaboration with ICLEI USA. Learn more about how Durango has  been successful in implementing sustainable purchasing practices and managing GHG emissions in the full case study, available here.

Please contact us if you are interested in developing a case study for your city or state.