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Verification Round Plan IE-2017-03 is Now Available

Investigation Round IE-2017-03 begins today. This is a Level 1 investigation round which will investigate randomly chosen criteria and randomly chosen products. 48 total investigations are planned for this round. The round plan is available here.

Verification Round PC-2017-04 has started

Verification Round PC-2017-04 for PCs and Displays kicked off August 9, 2017 with Level 0 investigations.  Level 1 investigations are expected to begin in October.  In this round products and criteria were chosen randomly. A total of sixty-nine (69) Level 0 and Level 1 investigations were planned for this round. All active products, geographies, and […]

EPEAT Clarification #40 regarding 1680.1 Now Available

EPEAT Clarification #40: Clarification #40 Revision D provides guidance for meeting 1680.1 criterion  This criterion recieved high rates of Non-Conformance in the past and Manufacturers have been asking for information about how to meet this criterion.  This clarification provides one way that the criterion may be met but it is not the only way […]

Verification Round Plan PC-2017-01 Now Available

Verification Round PC-2017-01 for PCs and Displays began in February of 2017.  This round is composed of Level 2 and Level 3 investigations of products randomly chosen from a list of manufacturers that have not yet had Level 2 / 3 lab testing of a product.  The Round plan can be found here.

Verification Round Plan IE-2017-02 Now Available

Verification Round IE-2017-02 for Imaging Equipment begins June 15, 2017.  This round will include Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 investigations of manufacturers with products which have not been fully tested via Level 2 and Level 3.  The Verification Round plan can be found here.

EPEAT Clarification #40 Available for 30 Day Public Comment Period

EPEAT Clarification #40: Participating EPEAT Manufacturers have requested an acceptable approach for using analytical test data that can be used to demonstrate conformance to 1680.1: Criterion Draft Revision A of this Clarification went out for public comment in 2016.  Draft Revision B of this Clarification went out for public comment in early 2017.  This […]