Registry Services

Registry Services is responsible for maintaining the overall EPEAT Registry. This includes oversight of the global CAB Network and regularly verifying the declarations of registered products to ensure the ongoing integrity of the Registry.

The responsibilities of Registry Services include approving, training and overseeing the Conformity Assurance Bodies (CABs) that support manufacturers in making accurate declarations in the EPEAT Registry. This oversight ensures that rules are followed consistently worldwide, and consistent interpretations of the standards and requirements are applied.

In addition, Registry Services operates an independent Verification program to regularly check the accuracy of declarations in the Registry. Verification investigations are planned and targeted both randomly and for cause, focusing on criteria at the highest risk of being inaccurate. An independent panel of experts called the Conformity Decision Panel determines conformity of some declarations on the EPEAT Registry. Verification results are reported publicly to maintain confidence in the EPEAT Registry.

In order to register products in EPEAT, a manufacturer must pay the appropriate EPEAT Participation Fee and also engage one or more approved CABs.  Click here for more information about the overall process and engaging a CAB. To begin the EPEAT process, a manufacturer must sign the EPEAT License and Participating Manufacturer Agreement, complete a Manufacturer Information Form, and pay the appropriate fee. The Agreement and Form should then be sent to the Green Electronics Council (GEC) via email, fax (+1-503-279-9381) or by mailing a paper copy to the address indicated on the Agreement. When GEC receives the Agreement and Form we will send the manufacturer an invoice for the appropriate EPEAT Participation fee. Fees are on a sliding scale based on the manufacturer’s annual revenue from global sales of the products covered by the selected standards and are payable by check or EFT.

When GEC receives the Setup Form, it communicates with the selected CAB to ensure they are prepared to support the manufacturer.  The manufacturer’s product(s) will appear on the EPEAT Registry when:

  • The manufacturer has paid the EPEAT Participation Fee, and
  • The manufacturer has engaged an approved CAB, has declared the environmental characteristics of the products to the CAB, and the CAB has reviewed and approved the declarations.