Countries/regions currently included in the EPEAT system

EPEAT currently registers products in 43 countries and regions.

United StatesCzech Republic
IrelandNew ZealandSwitzerland
AustriaEstoniaJapanPolandUnited Kingdom
Costa RicaIcelandMexicoSpain

Why EPEAT Registers Products by Location

EPEAT product registration is country-specific because product identification and environmental performance can vary by location. Registration by country enables potential buyers around the world to evaluate, compare and select the exact product models available to them based on the environmental characteristics that products attain in their country of purchase. Verification investigation is also country-specific, tailored to the claims made for products in each region.

The public standards on which EPEAT registration is based are the same everywhere; however, in order to broadly support the availability of environmentally preferable products, EPEAT enables manufacturers to meet a very small number of its optional criteria in some countries and not others. For example, a manufacturer may register a product in Lithuania and the United States even though the product’s solar accessory may only be available in the United States.  Different registration records for each country make these country differences visible to purchasers and the public.

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How a country/region is added to the system

If you are interested in requesting the addition of a country or region, please contact Melanie Bower.

Countries / Regions Pending Approval

Requested Country Additions

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