Participating in an EPEAT Training module is one of the most effective ways to learn about the overall system, how to specify EPEAT as a purchasing requirement and/or how to register products. The EPEAT training program strives to maximize the adoption and appropriate use of the EPEAT registry by providing a comprehensive understanding of the standards, protocols, declaration procedures, conformity assessment and verification processes.

Live Training

We do not currently have any trainings scheduled. EPEAT staff are available for training upon request. To request a live training, please email Andrea Desimone, Program Support Specialist, with a brief description of your training needs and location.

Online Training

PC & Display – Imaging Equipment – Television Subscriber Online Training Series  
We are offering trainings that cover each section of the pc/display, imaging equipment, and television standards – e.g. all 1680.2 Design for End of Life criteria or all 1680.2 Packaging criteria. Email to register.

General EPEAT Orientation

An overview of the EPEAT system for those unfamiliar with the details of how the system was developed, how manufacturers participate, how the registration process works, what purchasers use the system in their procurement, etc.