EPEAT Clarification 37 Open for Additional Public Comment

12/21/2016 UPDATE: The second public comment period for Clarification 37 has now closed. Following extensive comments received during an initial 30-day comment period, the Green Electronics Council has opened a second 30-day comment period for EPEAT Clarification 37. The previous comments have now been incorporated into the Clarification, which is being opened for another 30-day public […]

Clarification #41 Open for Public Comment

[12/8/16 UPDATE: This comment period has now closed.] A participating EPEAT Manufacturer asked if products certified to the Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) Carbon Footprint (CFP) labeling program, including the basic phase 1 level certification, are deemed conformant with IEEE 1680.2 Imaging Equipment criteria and Comments will be accepted from all […]

Outcomes Report for TV-2016-01 is Now Available

The Outcomes Report for EPEAT Verification Round TV-2016-01 is now available for download at this link. Of the criteria investigated, seven were Required and four were Optional. These criteria were chosen randomly from a list of all IEEE 1680.3 products in the EPEAT Registry. No Participating Manufacturer was subject to more than six investigations. Verification Round […]

Outcomes Report for Verification Round PC-2016-02 is Now Available

The Outcomes Report for Personal Computers and Displays Verification Round PC-2016-02 is now available and can be found here. The Round included Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 investigations. The targeted Level 1 investigations included criteria and manufacturers for which the corrective actions from previous investigations did not fully address other products that were potentially impacted […]

Your Feedback is Important – EPEAT Registry Purchaser Usability Survey

Here at the Green Electronics Council, we are continuously looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the electronics that are manufactured and purchased worldwide. One of our most effective tools for accomplishing this is the EPEAT Registry for greener electronics. The EPEAT Registry helps thousands of purchasers to research and purchase electronic products […]