Public Comment Period Open: EPEAT Clarification #34 – Country Variability

Since 2006 the Green Electronics Council has published Clarifications in response to stakeholder requests for guidance about EPEAT conformity in cases where the underlying standard is unclear. These Clarifications have historically gone into effect upon approval and publication by the independent Product Verification Committee, now known as the “Conformity Decision Panel.” Because Clarifications may affect the interests of […]

Verification Round Plan PC-2015-03 Has Been Launched

The Plan for Verification Round PC-2015-03 is now available and can be found here. This Round Verification Round PC-2015-03 will focus on Level 2 and Level 3 investigations, and involve laboratory evaluation of tablets/slates registered in the United States. In total, 77 investigations are planned and the Round has already started. In Level 2 investigations, […]

EPEAT in the News: How the Electronics Industry Can Profit by Exploring Deeper Shade of Global Green

October 9, 2015, from Each year, the computer and electronic manufacturing industry rings up close to $3 trillion in revenue. But at what cost to the environment? The Portland, Ore.-based Green Electronics Council (GEC) engaged its stakeholders in a conversation centered on that weighty question in late September during the non-profit’s initial Emerging Green […]

New EPA Report Published: Polystyrene Foam Recycled at Low Rates in US

This summer the EPA published a report entitled, “Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures 2013.”  This report is one EPEAT checks for recycling rates in the US.  Criterion in both the 1680.2 and the 1680.3 standards.  Analysis of this report shows that polystyrene foam (PS or Styrofoam) is still not considered recyclable because […]

Verification Round Plan PC-2015-04 to be Launched in Early October 2015 – Training Available

The Plan for Verification Round PC-2015-04 is now available and can be found here. This Round will target specific criteria (,, and for which, in a previous investigation, corrective actions did not fully address other products potentially impacted by the issue causing the non-conformance for the investigated product. The Round will also […]

Criteria Training for Verification Round PC-2015-04

Susan Herbert, the Green Electronics Council’s Conformity Assurance Manager for Computers and Displays, will be holding interactive training webinars on the criteria included in Verification Round PC-2015-04: Optional – Elimination of intentionally added lead in certain applications Optional – Batteries free of lead, cadmium, and mercury Optional – Minimum 90% reusable/recyclable […]