Your Feedback is Important – EPEAT Registry Purchaser Usability Survey

Here at the Green Electronics Council, we are continuously looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the electronics that are manufactured and purchased worldwide. One of our most effective tools for accomplishing this is the EPEAT Registry for greener electronics. The EPEAT Registry helps thousands of purchasers to research and purchase electronic products that align with their environmental preferences and sustainability goals.

We are launching an initiative to make improvements to the EPEAT Registry, and we need purchaser feedback. We envision a Registry that goes beyond its current search capabilities – one that will help you to shop for electronics and create reports that demonstrate your success. With your help, we want to add easy-to-use features of your choosing that create new levels of usability. We are asking for 10 minutes of your time to fill out the following survey. Your feedback will help us to make the Registry as useful and usable to you as possible.

Take me to the survey!

Beyond this survey, if you’d like to participate in a virtual purchaser user group to help us develop and test new ideas, please contact me or 503-279-9383 x104 by October 24, 2016. We promise not to ask of too much time or commitment from the user group participants.

New to the EPEAT Registry? Check out this pre-recorded webinar that gives an overview of the EPEAT system and walks you through a demo of the Registry, offering tips and tricks for effective searches.