EPEAT Purchaser Awards

The EPEAT Purchaser Awards recognize excellence in green procurement of electronics. EPEAT Purchasers will earn a star for each product category for which they have a written policy in place that requires the purchase of EPEAT registered electronics.


2017 EPEAT Purchaser Award Winners

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The 2017 EPEAT Purchaser Awardees represent local, state and national governments, healthcare systems, research facilities, school districts, higher education institutions, and private enterprise. In this – the awards program’s third year – the Green Electronics Council notably recognizes its first India-based EPEAT Purchaser Awardee.

Award winners are recognized for their purchases in three IT product categories: PCs and Displays, Imaging Equipment, and Televisions. Award winners earn one star for each product category in which they committed to purchasing EPEAT registered products.

Sustainable Purchasing Visionary Award

2017 Three-Star Award Winners


2017 Two-Star Award Winners


2017 One-Star Award Winners

Eligibility Requirements

The EPEAT Purchaser Awards are open to all organizations that purchase EPEAT-registered products and meet the following requirements:

  1. Agree to have your organization as an EPEAT Purchaser. EPEAT Purchasers agree to share their specific EPEAT vendor contract language and to be listed on the EPEAT website. By submitting the EPEAT Purchaser Award Application, you agree to have your organization listed as an EPEAT Purchaser.
  2. Must have an organizational purchasing policy in place for environmentally preferable procurement of electronics (see model policy language)
  3. Must set specifications in contracts with vendors requiring that all electronic products in a specific category (PC/Displays, Imaging Equipment, and Televisions) achieve Bronze registration or higher in the EPEAT system in the country/countries of purchase (see model contract language)
  4. Must report annual purchase volume  of EPEAT registered products


Awards – Earning stars
One star is awarded to an organization for each product category in which all of the eligibility requirements have been met. The current product categories are as follows:

  • PCs/Displays (desktops, displays, notebooks, integrated desktop computers, workstation desktops, thin clients)
  • Imaging Equipment (copiers, digital duplicators, facsimile machines, mailing machines, multifunction devices, printers, scanners)
  • Televisions

Award winners will be listed on our website, announced in media and PR outreach, and celebrated at events throughout the year.


Past Award Winners



Contact Andrea Desimone with questions or comments about the awards application process.