EPEAT Marks 5th Anniversary

For immediate release August 3, 2011

Contact: Sarah O’Brien   [email protected]

The EPEAT green electronics rating turned five years old on July 26.  Since its start in 2006 the EPEAT system has grown far beyond the vision of its original developers, to become the definitive global registry for greener electronics, covering the most products from the broadest range of manufacturers. Only EPEAT combines comprehensive criteria for design, production, energy use and recycling with ongoing independent verification of manufacturer claims.

EPEAT’s remarkable record of achievement speaks for itself:

  • From modest beginnings with 3 manufacturers participating, the system now serves over 50 manufacturers of all sizes, from Fortune 50 global leaders to small integrators. All top ten global IT manufacturers participate in EPEAT.
  •  The EPEAT registry has grown from an initial roster of some 60 products to over 2500 products registered in the US alone, with some 3500 unique products registered worldwide.
  •  41 countries around the globe are now covered by the EPEAT registration system
  •  EPEAT is the leading purchaser resource for electronic products designed to reduce environmental impact. Eight national governments use EPEAT for product selection, and the US government has purchased over 7 million EPEAT registered products since 2006. Hundreds of enterprise, education and government organizations require EPEAT.
  •  Over 400 million EPEAT registered products have been sold worldwide.

The coming years promise even more growth and influence for the system:

  • A new logo and website have readied EPEAT to respond to increasing consumer interest in identifying greener electronics.
  • To meet demand from manufacturers worldwide EPEAT is developing a global network of collaborating organizations to expand registration capacity.
  •  New IEEE 1680 standards that will provide the basis for EPEAT Imaging Equipment and Television registration are nearing completion.
  •  EPEAT Certificate Training sessions in the UK, China, US and Taiwan have prepared over 40 individuals to perform EPEAT verification investigations,  and a strategic partnership with global testing and certification firm DEKRA will now expand EPEAT’s ability to deliver training worldwide.
  •  EPEAT anticipates continuing geographic expansion through the country addition system that allows stakeholders – purchasers, OEMs, governments – to petition to add new countries to the system at any time

“It’s incredibly gratifying to see the growth in EPEAT’s participation and influence over the past five years,” said Jeff Omelchuck, EPEAT’s Executive Director. “The ability of a small nonprofit organization to extend its reach and impact so enormously proves the power of a great idea.”

Omelchuck credited EPEAT’s stakeholders – purchasers, manufacturers, environmental advocates key among them – for their tireless work with the organization to improve and strengthen EPEAT and expand its influence.  “ Throughout this incredible growth period  we have collaborated, with the shared goal of realizing EPEAT’s vision of a world where the negative environmental and social impacts of electronics are continually reduced and electronic products are designed to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability.”

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