Participating manufacturers must engage both the EPEAT MSE and one or more PREs of their choosing (click here for more information about how a manufacturer participates in EPEAT).  The Green Electronics Council has approved a number of leading certification bodies around the world as PREs in the EPEAT system, including an EPEAT PRE. There is no advantage to working with the EPEAT PRE over an outside organization. If you wish to engage the EPEAT PRE, please  complete both the Registration and Maintenance Agreement and Subscriber Setup Form and return them to EPEAT via email, fax (+1-503-279-9381) or by mailing a paper copy to the address indicated on the Agreement.

After sending the Agreement and Setup Form you will receive an invoice for the appropriate PRE fee as indicated in the documents linked below. EPEAT PRE fees are on a sliding scale based on the manufacturer’s global annual sales of products covered by the selected product standard(s). You may pay via check or EFT. This fee allows your company to register an unlimited number of products for one year in the covered countries. The EPEAT PRE supports product registration worldwide in any of the 40+ countries that have adopted the EPEAT system. Please check with the other PREs to verify that they support the countries in which you wish to register products.

Once EPEAT receives the Agreement, Setup Form and payment from your company, your company’s EPEAT Administrator will be sent an email containing instructions, contact information should you have further questions, and a username and password to log into the Registry application. Your company’s EPEAT Administrator can then setup your company’s account (including adding company Administrators and Users). You must include at minimum one Primary Contact and one Billing Contact. The online Registry application is used to register products by declaring their conformance to the appropriate environmental criteria for your product/device type. More information about the overall process can be found here.