Advisory Council

The EPEAT Advisory Council is a non-fiduciary body formed to provide input and advice to EPEAT management and the Green Electronics Council Board of Directors. The Green Electronics Council manages the EPEAT system. The EPEAT Advisory Council draws volunteers from all of EPEAT’s stakeholder groups, including representatives of manufacturing, purchasing, environmental advocacy, recycling, government, research, retail and reseller interests. Members are nominated for three-year terms by peers from their respective stakeholder groups, their nominations are approved by the full Advisory Council, and they are appointed by the Green Electronics Council Board. Each Advisor’s term expires in December of the year indicated in parentheses below.

The Advisory Council, whose members are shown below, meets twice annually in person and at least twice annually via teleconference. Subgroups of the Council also meet to discuss and develop proposals on specific issues as needed. The Council operates and makes decisions primarily through a consensus-based process. Nonmembers are welcome to attend meetings by invitation. Please contact EPEAT to make arrangements to attend a meeting.

Advisory Council Documents

Council Members

Dana Arnold (2017)
Director, Program Analytics Division, FAS Office of Acquisition Management
U.S. General Services Administration

Cate Berard (2016)
Environmental Protection Specialist
U.S. Department of Energy

Aaron Blum (2015)
Chief Compliance Officer
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.

Christina Bocher (2015)
Consultant Sustainability Services
DEKRA Consulting GmbH

Sue Chiang (2016)
Pollution Prevention Co-Director
Center for Environmental Health

Chris Geiger (2015)
Green Purchasing Program Manager
San Francisco Department of the Environment

Rob Guzzo (2015)
Manager, Environmental Technologies
Apple, Inc.

Bill Leong (2016)
Manager, Americas Environmental Compliance

Jonathan Rifkin (2016)
Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator & Contract Admin Oversight Lead
District of Columbia